Must Watch: Devour Every Hour’s Best Spring Rolls Featured on Global Saskatoon

globaltv4Global Saskatoon is a local TV station in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  They provide us with top local news, traffic and latest weather forecast to start our day. And fortunately, with a short notice and a pleasant surprise, we were able to have a live segment with them just last April 19th 2017.

The day before the interview, I received a text message from Ms. Bailey Wilmot (one of the owners of The Local Kitchen). She informed me that they will be doing a segment with Global Saskatoon, and she asked if we were interested in joining their promotions. And upon hearing that it will be televised, I immediately said yes! So, she texted me the time and the location the next day.

I arrived in the location (Ideas Inc Office Downtown, beside the Farmer’s Market), then I saw the truck of Global Saskatoon. I was hoping that it won’t be live because I felt like I wasn’t that prepared. I was just practically ready for our samples because I prepared a lot of Spring rolls for them to taste.

Ms. Julie Gryba (co-owner of The Local Kitchen) together with Ms. Bailey then arrived and they introduced me to Mr. Ryan Richichi (the Business Development Director of Ideas Inc). Ideas Inc is the organization in-charge of the Street Stall Saturday that will start on May 6th 2017.

Afterwards, I was able to meet Ms. Carly Robinson (reporter from Global Saskatoon) and Mr. Neil Fisher (Camera man and Editor from Global Saskatoon). I am not used to being around with media personalities so I started to get nervous.

globaltv7At first, I was expecting that it would be a recorded segment because I was not really sure if I will be part of it. I thought it would just be our Spring rolls that they would feature. Then, Ms. Julie told me to join them for the interview! I was surprised and happy at the same time.

When the segment was about to start, we were told that it would actually be a live TV interview! Of course, I suddenly panicked but I tried my best to calm down. Taking big breaths… Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale… Repeated several times.

I was really shy at first, but I just reminded myself that this is for our business so I needed to do this! And thinking that time to have this experience documented, I had to have some pictures taken. I did not have anybody with me so I just bravely requested a huge favour from Mr. Ryan to take a photo of us during the actual interview.

It was a quick interview (thank goodness) and it was a nice and memorable experience too! Although we were not able to inform people about this TV interview, we were able to record it at home. We are proud to share the video with you guys today.

Here is the quick video (we recommend to turn your volume up though):

We would like to thank The Local Kitchen for giving us this opportunity and allowing us to be part of the Street Stall Saturday in their booth. Now, we would be able to offer our Spring rolls to more people starting May 6th 2017. Make sure to catch us there. See you guys!


We are happy that we became part of the Country Farms Marketplace events.

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