Key Benefits of Having The Local Kitchen

A Local Kitchen for Food-focused Entrepreneurs


thelocalkitchen7I haven’t really talked about our experience with the kitchen so let me talk about them today. They are called The Local Kitchen, a small business incubator which aims to provide a venue for local entrepreneurs to grow their business, and to support the local food industry in Saskatoon through the workshops and cooking classes that they hold in their kitchen.

When I first visited their location at The Blok in Riversdale, I was able to meet Ms. Bailey Wilmot, one of the owners of The Local Kitchen. She gave me a list of requirements that I needed to accomplish before we could use their kitchen. And seeing that list, it was really intimidating because I was not even sure if I would be able to get all of them done.

Fortunately, I trusted my gut feel and pursue what I needed to do, and everything just fell into place. After completing the list, we were able to finally schedule our first booking with the kitchen last March 17th 2017. And it went very well!

We believe that registering as a member of The Local Kitchen is a good decision that we’ve made. There are key benefits or perks that we now enjoy as part of this organization and here are some of them.

  1. Promotion and Advertising

We are lucky enough just to be able to work in their kitchen. But, what’s more exciting is that we get to have that ‘exposure’ whenever The Local Kitchen runs their promotions.

They are supportive and very willing to share ideas of their members through their social media channels and even more, through public TV and print advertisements whenever possible.

Just last April 19th 2017, we were invited by The Local Kitchen to be part of the live segment of the Global Saskatoon. Here’s the link to the short video: Must Watch: Devour Every Hour’s Best Spring Rolls Featured on Global Saskatoon

This was an interview for them to promote the Street Stall Saturday that they are going to be a part of this coming May 6th 2017. As a member, we have the privilege to join the said event without extra costs. Thus, we are going to be there also to sell our spring rolls!

  1. Qualified Advisors

Ms. Bailey and Ms. Julie Gryba (co-owner of the Local Kitchen) have been very helpful to us, and they are very willing to assist us in every way they can. Ms. Julie has been very supportive and gives us ideas on what to do, like when we were trying to look for an insurance provider for our business.

One time we were working at the kitchen, there was an event going on and Ms. Julie was there. We shared our spring rolls to her and she shared it to everyone who attended the event as well. We were happy that they loved and gave good comments about it.

I haven’t met Ms. Caitlin Olauson (also co-owner of The Local Kitchen), and I’m looking forward to meeting her soon. I’m sure she’s as awesome as Ms. Bailey and Ms. Julie.

  1. Commercially inspected food safe facility

It is really fancy working in their kitchen because everything is new, space is very clean, and most of the utensils and equipment we need are available plus the ambiance is really very welcoming. You would really feel like you are a chef while working there and feel assured that your products will meet public health standards.

  1. Cooking Classes and Workshops

Aside from the kitchen space that we are able to book from them, they are also holding some cooking classes there. They do both private events and some workshops.

I was able to attend one of the workshops that they hosted last March 2017 with Ms. Lori from Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan. The topic was about ‘How to Start a Food Business with women Entrepreneurs’. I invited my good friend, Veron Abacan (owner of Cakes, Eh), who’s into food business as well, so that we could both benefit from that event and true enough we were able to learn a lot, and discover things that we didn’t know before.

  1. Access to a wider network of food business

They have allowed us to be known locally and I definitely agree. It is very exciting! When we attended a workshop held in the kitchen, we were able to meet all the attendees, and each of them has their own specialty. For instance, one of them was making a gluten free flour, and my friend Veron got interested in her gluten free flour. Most of the attendees were opening their own café in their own little town.

This is a good place and opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and share their experiences particularly in their food business.

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Photo credits to: Ces Gumatay

Speak What You Seek Until You See What You’ve Said

This saying is very timely for what we have recently experienced. I usually have monthly quote in my planner and this is what I have for this month.

Although there are days that I doubted some of the things that I started with our food business, things are still somehow going in the way that we wanted to. I have been lucky enough to be able to find this commercial kitchen to rent space for us to be able to make our spring rolls and for us to be able to sell it to public.

When Ms. Janine (Manager of Country Farms Marketplace) told me that we need to prepare our spring rolls in a commercial kitchen, I conditioned my mind and reminded myself constantly that we are going to find a commercial kitchen, we are going to find a commercial kitchen, and again, we are going to find a commercial kitchen. Speaking it several times, literally! Fortunately, we became a member of The Local Kitchen.

After the challenges that we experienced, like with the slow traffic in the Confederation Mall, and having more expenses that what we are actually making, I told myself that we are going to make it in a better location, more people will be buying our spring rolls, we are going to be in a downtown location and our spring rolls will be known.

And true enough, The Local Kitchen gave us that chance for us to sell it downtown, just beside the Farmers Market, which means more people! Hopefully, we would be able to sell our target packs so that our efforts will be worth it.

And so my friends, that is the secret. Ever since, I have been a believer of that secret that: Whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve.

Aside from reminding yourself constantly with the things you want to happen make sure you do something about it. Take action now!

Make sure to catch our Spring rolls this coming Saturday, April 29th 2017 at the Country farms Marketplace inside the Confederation Mall.


We are happy that we became part of the Country Farms Marketplace events.

You may visit our Events page to keep you posted on our current and upcoming events! Thank you!


If you are also new or just starting to be an entrepreneur, please do share your own experience, some tips, or strategies that worked for your business. This way we too might help other would-be entrepreneurs to take that leap of faith and start their own business.

Just leave your comment/s below. Thanks!


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