Must Watch: Saskatchewanderer Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs Week at The Local Kitchen

As mentioned in our previous blog post, one of the benefits of being a member of The Local Kitchen is that they support fellow entrepreneurs and make them known to the local community through its campaigns and promotions.



Just last April 24th 2017, Devour Every Hour was fortunate enough to be part of the video interview they had with The Saskatchewanderer. The Saskatchewanderer is actually a job position initiated and supported by the Government of Saskatchewan to promote the province by showcasing the best of experiences you could have in living, working, and playing in Saskatchewan.

Mr. Andrew Hiltz, who is the 2017 Saskatchewanderer, decided to feature the owners of The Local Kitchen namely: Julie Gryba, Caitlin Olauson, and Bailey Wilmot. This is in celebration of the Women Entrepreneurs Week in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewanderer meets Devour Every Hour

Before the interview, Ms. Bailey texted me about it and I got really excited knowing that The Saskatchewanderer has over 35k followers on Facebook. And, most of them are actually from Saskatchewan.

I did a little more research about The Saskatchewanderer and found out that the job is filled every year. The person then who gets the position will be able to travel around Saskatchewan to meet and talk to the locals, shoot videos and ultimately write blogs about them as well.

When I arrived at The Local Kitchen that day, the interview was ongoing already. I thought I was already late but I was just on time (I guess). The atmosphere was really nice because, Ms. Joey (the professional licensed chef of Way to your Heart- Licensed Personal Chef facebook page) and her son was just at the back kitchen doing their cooking for the orders they had for that day.

On the other hand, I was working at the front area of the kitchen. I prepared my ingredients, put my apron and hairnet on and started mixing my spring rolls. I had cooked ones prepared as well just in case anyone wanted to try (since I was not sure if I could make it on time while Mr. Andrew was shooting the video interview). And it worked! When Mr. Andrew was able to try our spring rolls, he then asked me if he could also record me.

During my interview, I started talking about the perks and benefits that I was getting as a member of the local kitchen, and it was really a wonderful experience to celebrate the Women Entrepreneurs Week.

Watch the full video here (our video interview starts from 1:33min onwards):

Below is the link to the actual blog posted in The Saskatchewanderer website featuring the owners and members of the The Local Kitchen.

Read more: The Local Kitchen

** Photos and video credits to: Sask Wanderer Official Youtube Channel

Catch us this coming Saturday, May 13th 2017! We are going to be at 2 locations.

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We are happy that we became part of the Country Farms Marketplace, and Street Stall Saturdays events.

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